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Emergency Food Distribution is available
lot opens and registration begins at 11:00 am*
Households may receive one full food distribution box per month. Additional ermergency (TEFAP) food bags are available as needed when households are facing food insecurity. Please visit the food closet during regular operating hours to request a TEFAP distribution.
*The first hour of our distribution (11am-12pm) is reserved for seniors only (60+).  Any clients younger than 60 that arrive before 12pm will be given a reservation time to return later in the day based on availability. To be served during the first hour you must have a senior in the car that is receiving a distribution. additional clients younger than 60, in the same car, may also register for a distribution if they live in a different household.                                                             
Disabled and homeless clients will be served at anytime we are open.
 Do not arrive to our lot before 11am, when we open. Clients that arrive before 11am may be given a reservation time for later in the distribution day. If you arrive before the time you are provided, you may be turned away if we do not have the capacity to serve you then.
Food distribution will begin as soon as food donations are done being processed, typically by 11:30am but may be later based on the amount of donations we receive.
Please use Google Translate to read these instructions in other languages .
(we are closed all major holidays, please call ahead to confirm we are open)
Clients 60+ that visit the food closet beginning at 11:00am will either be let in the parking lot to wait or if the lot fills up, will receive a time to return later in the day when we have room in the lot. Clients are asked to return to the food closet at the time they are provided by our lot attendent. If you return sooner, you may be turned away. If you return later you may be turned away, based on lot capacity.
Registration closes when we reach maximum capacity for the day or 1:30pm, whichever comes first.
There is no guarentee that we will have enough time or food to be able to stay open until 2pm.
If the barricades are closed, we have closed for the day. 
Please return the next distribution day to receive food.
Clients are not allowed to park and wait in our parking lot or any of the parking lots of our neighboring businesses. If you are found to be doing so, you may be asked to leave, without a distribution, and/or asked to return the next distribution day. Clients are NOT allowed to wait on San Juan Ave. The traffic lanes are for moving cars. If you are stopped in any of the lanes on San Juan Ave., you are subject to a traffic citation from the Citrus Heights police.
The Sunrise Christian Food Ministry distributes a variety of fresh and canned food per household based on the donations we receive daily. Clients will register for a distribution and will receive verifcation of the total number of households currently in the car, picking up a distribution. Each car may receive food for a maximum of (4) households  (this includes proxies).
Please feel free to ask any volunteer for additional information on how our new distribution model works. It is our goal be able to serve more households each day and limit the number of cars we turn away due to reaching our maximum capacity. If you are struggling to find a time to visit our food closet please call or visit 211 and the Sacramento County Food Bank website to see a list of participating food agencies in the county. Our food closet is one of many in Sacramento County that have a variety of days and times available to meet the needs of people with lots of different schedules.
We understand that visiting our food closet can be a time consuming and frustrating experience. Many of our neighbors and friends are experiencing food insecuirty which is creating an all time high of people seeking assistance. One way that you can help with this need is to join us and volunteer. Please visit the Volunteer Opportunities tab for more information. It take many willing hearts and hands to process and distribute the million + pounds of food to our community each year.
Reach out if you have any questions or suggestions on improving our distribution.